Roatan Visitors Information

Visitor information.

The colorful English of the Caribbean and Spanish are both spoken in Roatan and both languages are taught in most schools. The current population of Roatan is approximately 60,000.

The Lempira is the official currency of Honduras but US dollars are becoming more and more accepted throughout Roatan and can be used in most parts of the island. Credit Cards and Travelers Checks can also be used while in Coxen Hole you will find ATM machines for cash withdrawals.

For residents of most western countries to enter Honduras or Roatan you only require a valid passport. Once in Honduras or Roatan you can stay 30 days in the country a visitor's extension is possible to a total stay of 180 days, when you are required to leave the country. The immigration office on Roatan is located next door to H.B Warren's in Coxen Hole. You can also obtain a three-month tourist visa in the U.S. from your nearest Honduran consulate or embassy. For citizens of some countries a visa is required. Check locally with your Travel Agent or the closest Honduran Embassy.

Packing Information for Roatan.

Light and casual clothing is best. The Roatan climate is warm all year round except for in December and January. A rain jacket is a must just in case, as are sandals and a bathing suit for the beach and sturdy hiking boots for walks and hikes. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are needed all times of the year, as the sun is hot and strong. Bug repellent is also needed mainly for nights and some beaches where sand flies are found.

Additional traveling items
Photocopies of passport and airline tickets
Back up money supply in travelers checks or credit card
Prescription medications
Camera and film
Torch (flashlight)
Day travel bag

Always tag or label all of your luggage when flying to and from Roatan AND put your name and address on a paper inside each bag as well.

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