Travel to Roatan

How to get to Roatan.

How to get to Roatan

Roatan's modern airport, the Juan Manuel Galvez International Airport, also known as Roatan International Airport, is one of Honduras' four international airports and is serviced by American, Continental, Taca, Delta, and Iberia, which all fly to Roatan in conjunction with local carriers.

Several direct flights are also available from the United States on the weekends as follows:

Continental, (1-800-231-0856) on Saturday, is flying direct twice a day to and from Roatan/Houston and once a day to and from Roatan/ Newark; and on Sunday once a day to and from Roatan/Houston.

Taca, (1-800-400-TACA) on Saturday, is flying direct once a day to and from Roatan/Houston; and on Sunday once a day to and from Roatan/Miami.

Delta, (1-800-325-1999) on Saturday is flying direct twice a day to and from Roatan/Atlanta.

Direct flight from Canada to Roatan

Air Transat (reservations 1-866-847-1112) offers a Saturday flight to and from Toronto and Roatan (depart Toronto at 7 a.m., arrives Roatan around 11 a.m.) on an airbus operated by WestJet (flight 1370). Return flight (1371) leaves around noon and gets into Toronto around 5:30 p.m.. Online booking is also available from Nolitours,, under flights for call them at 1-866-556-3948.

Connecting flights to Roatan from mainland Honduras

Your best bet is to try and catch one of the weekend flights to Roatan. If you are unable to do so, you can always take an American, Continental, or Taca flight into Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula, and get a connecting flight to Roatan. All connecting flights from either city stop in La Ceiba and on some you have to change planes. Taca, Sosa, Isleña and Atlantic Airlines offer daily flights from La Ceiba, Tegucigalpa, and San Pedro Sula to Roatan.

Domestic schedules do change regularly and all flights departure times and dates should always be confirmed in advance. Tickets can be bought at counters prior to your flight.

Ferry Service between La Ceiba and Roatan

Another option for travel between mainland Honduras and the Bay Islands is taking the ferry. A new high-speed ferry is now running between Roatan and La Ceiba twice a day.

In La Ceiba, it anchors at the ferry dock or "Muelle de Cabotaje," located outside of town. On Roatan, it departs and arrives at the ferry dock in Brick Bay. The cost is approximately $22 one-way or Lps. 400, first class costs $25 or Lps. 500. The trip takes approximately one hour.

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