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For a better idea of our agency, please read what some of our customers have had to say below. We strive to service every customer to out utmost ability. If you've purchased property from us in the past and would like your testimonial included, please contact us.

Phil Weir helped us purchase a home on Roatan in 2005, when he proved to be reliable, honest and totally trustworthy, and made every step of the process easy!
And Phil's commitment didn't end with completion of the sale. Phil continues to this day to provide us with after-sales support, which is something we highly value. We would readily recommend Phil to anyone, for his integrity, knowledge, commitment and reliability."
Beth Christensen

Phil Weir is an excellent realtor to work with and I am impressed by the hard work of his firm. Roatan Life knows a great deal about Roatan and the staff is willing to share their knowledge and expertise.We particularly like that they listen to what you are interested in and come up with good ideas to meet your needs.We would strongly recommend the firm to people considering a home or land purchase or making an investment on the island of Roatan.
Alecia and Mike Kintner
Hartford, Ct.

"I must admit that my wife and I were a little apprehensive initially about buying property overseas. Phil and his team held our hands through every step on the process and made the experience effortless. I found a Phil to be a man of his word and a pleasure to deal with. Most importantly he has stayed in touch after of the sale. I actually have heard from him more over the last year than from several of my close relatives".
Al Dimoush

I have bought two properties through Phil Weir. Without question, you will not find a more honest, thoughtful and helpful broker anywhere on the planet. If you are reading this, you're almost there. Call him now
Joel S. Moskowitz

"Working with Phil has been a pleasure. His Roatan knowledge took the guesswork out of finding the right property."
Stu Cook

We have purchased three properties on Roatan all through Phil Weir and Roatanlife. We have been delighted with the honest and professional service we have received and are glad to call Phil and his family "friends.
Ken and Bertha Litvack

We wanted to thank you for your continued support with our development site at Latitude 16. You were instrumental in helping us find this property and your advice since our purchase has been greatly appreciated. Your knowledge of the real estate market in Roatan is accurate and has been a great help in our marketing efforts. We also appreciate the advice you continue to freely give us in getting things done on Roatan. Your efforts go beyond what we expect from our realtor. We feel fortunate to have you as a resource as your advice has saved us time and money.

We should also mention that your professionalism extends to other members of your team, in particular Connie Bodden and Steve Hasz. In your absence they have handled our questions and helped us when needed. We look forward to working with you on future projects both as purchasers and sellers of real estate in Roatan. Feel free to pass this recommendation on to prospective clients.

Latitude 16 Development Corporation
Gene DeMarco, Mke and Cindi Carter, Steve Muslin


We first met Phil about 3 Years ago, after meeting with several other realtors in the area, and finally realized we found someone that could provide us with the answers to our many questions.

Buying real estate in a foreign country and in a foreign language can be extremely intimidating, but Phil was able to provide us with all of the necessary information as well as putting us in touch with anyone else needed for a smooth transaction.

We purchased a total of 6 properties in Roatan, with Phil’s advice, and could not be happier about the properties – or their drastic appreciation in values!

If you’re thinking of buying property in Roatan, don’t bother wasting your time with other realtors - there is simply no one else that can compare to Phil!

Kristine & Michael M.
Lake Forest, Illinois


Word-of-mouth recommendations have historically provided the most accurate and highly regarded business and personal references. So it was with Phil Weir and the RoatanLife real estate office.

In the process of investigating Roatan and somewhat by happenstance, to our great good fortune we became aware that good friends – who originally lived in Maine but moved to Illinois – were very familiar with the island. As we learned, they had been visiting the island for a number of years and for several years had seriously investigated buying property. As a result, they had recently bought land and were in the process of completing a beautiful island home. Because Roatan appeared to be (and is) an idyllic spot, we had plenty of questions. Regarding real estate, the one person they recommended without reservation was Phil Weir.

After investigating other Caribbean and Latin American possibilities, and after several visits, we have also, irretrievably, come under the spell of this island. We have been captivated by what attracts most folks to Roatan: the people, the climate, and the surrounding beauty. And, for us, the fact that the island is not well known or developed are significant advantages.

So, peppered by Phil’s able insights and guidance, we turned to seriously explore purchasing land on Roatan. Unlike some agents, Phil was very low-key and presents real estate opportunities fairly and completely, discussing both the pluses and minuses of that particular site. Having been an integral part of the island for many years, and very active in various local and Honduran real estate organizations, he really knows the real estate market on Roatan. He kept us well informed; moreover, he did it with a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks in large part to Phil, our search was short and successful. With a bit of trepidation because the transactional steps were slightly different (for example, wiring funds), we reached agreement and hope to begin building in about a year. In any successful transaction, ultimately there has to be a degree of trust. And, based on our experience, Phil has earned our trust.

Please consider this a word-of-mouth recommendation to strongly consider Phil Weir and RoatanLife for your Roatan real estate questions.

Dave and Debby Collins
Yarmouth, Maine


Dear Phil

It all started when we asked a friend on Roatan to refer us to a real estate agent who was honest, reliable and trustworthy. Our friend referred us to Phil Weir, and we haven’t been disappointed! Phil has proven to be all of these things, and to top things off, he made our purchase of a rental property on Roatan easy and seamless! Also, the support from Phil didn’t end with the close of the deal, as he continues to provide assistance and support to us to this day! This after-sale support shows a commitment by Phil that we highly value, and appreciate!

Beth & Jay Christensen
Oakville, Ontario Canada


Dear Phil

When I arrived on the island of Roatan I had a very specific criteria for the property I wanted to purchase. Since this was an end user purchase I knew that the parameters were narrow and did not offer a lot of flexibility. Fortunately I found Phil Weir. He narrowed down areas and took me to see a piece of property that was incredible. As soon as I got out of the car I knew this was the right choice for me.

How would I rate Phil on the following:
reliability: A+
communication: A+
knowledge of the market: A+
availability: A+

Phil made this experience a pleasure!

Alison Morrison
Real Estate Investor


Hello Phil,

I thought I would drop you a quick note to say "Thank You" for your efforts in listing our property at Latitude 16.

Every step of the way the process went smoothly and we were impressed at how quickly you responded in getting our property listed on your website and also in the MLS Listing. The listing photos are great and the description of the property is accurate.

We also wanted to thank you for your efforts in helping us find our property on Roatan. You were more than willing to spend time with us and show us several areas on the island. Thanks to your efforts we found the ideal property for our needs.

Most importantly we look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future to our mutual benefit.

Latitude 16 Development Corporation
Gene DeMarco, Mike and Cindy Carter, Steve Muslin


Dear Phil

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you, for helping us fulfil our dream of living on a beautiful island seashore. Somehow at the last moment you found our piece of paradise.

Your help, guidance and patience through the purchasing process was invaluable, as was your assistance in arranging accommodation for us between arrival on the island and our closing date.

Service after closing has been above and beyond anything we would have expected or received in the states. Your staff has always been there for us as well.

We will strongly recommend you to anyone chasing their dream in Roatan, Honduras, and please feel free to use our names.

Good luck to a good friend,
Carol Nelson and Ron Pulliam


My experience in working with Phil was very pleasant, professional and any help we need was available to us. We had worked with other real estate people but we decided to use Phil after he showed us properties. We could aways communicate with him whether we were in the US or on the island, which is very important for doing business on Roatan. He guided us every step on the way in our purchase of 14 acres
Isaac Bar
Los Angelas, CA


My wife, Kathy, and I first stayed on the island in september 2003, at Anthony's Key, for a week, during which time we both really fell in love with Roatan and its people. We talked with Phil about looking at property, and he handed us over to his associate Jeff Thieken. Jeff took the time to get to know us, to educate us, and to make sure of what we were looking for and then took us around to see some example properties, since we had not planned to actually do anything during that trip. But, soon after we returned home to the US, Jeff informed us that a home we had seen in Turtle Crossing was back on the market, after another offer had been withdrawn. We made an offer which was accepted, and we are now very, very happy homeowners on Roatan, planning our early, and active, retirement to the island.

On a trip in April of this year (2004), we got together with Phil again to look at land, with the thought to build a place for when we move. Despite very short notice, he made himself available for us and showed us the perfect lot for us, and was very helpful during the process of offering and then closing. He and his office are all dedicated to a standard of honesty, service, and communication which is all too often missing. Their efforts have, several times now, truly helped smooth our buying experience. They have made us feel like we are already welcome members of the island community.

If you are even thinking about buying on Roatan, I would sincerely recommend Phil and everyone at Roatan Life as being very helpful in learning about the island, its properties and its people. Once you get to know the place, any decision about buying will just take care of itself.
Leif Shaver & Kathy Shupe
Tucson, AZ


Before I met with Phil Weir, I had talked to other realtors, I was looking for the one special piece of property on Roatan, I appreciated the fact that Phil was not pushy, and after working with him I could see that ethically he was beyond reproach. That one special piece of property? ...... I wound up buying two from Phil.
Bob Johnson
Illinois now Roatan

I was reminiscing with friends over a few photographs the other day, stopping to detail how I became a property owner on Roatan. One particular photo shows Phil at the base of a giant Ceiba tree leaning into his machete ready to ascend the hills to show yet another piece of paradise. He had convinced the Brothers (local owners) to hack out a trail along an overgrown fence line starting earlier in the day noting we'd give them a head start and catch up with them later. Upon hiking the cleared swath I found the views were breathtaking as promised. At my direction the machetes continued to carve out my proposed boundaries returning us to our point of origin. Resting in tall grass and shade near creek bottom we passed bottled water and with my nod Phil quickly found common ground between the Brothers and myself. Hands were shook and Phil had the parcel surveyed the following day for my approval. Having spent the prior two weeks looking, it was time to return home and get back to work. Phil handled all the purchase arrangements in my absence. To be sure, some anxiety existed what with wiring monies to numbered accounts and dealing with foreign closing arrangements. However, in the end, all went as promised. Trust, friendship and fun are words that come to mind. Thanks Phil, no one else was willing to make that kind of effort to find that "just right" parcel I had imagined and is now a reality.
Charley Powell

If you ever have the opportunity to work with Phil Weir, take it. We know first hand that he has the patience to really listen to what you are looking for and the insider's knowledge to help you find it. He will only be happy with a bargain when you are, and at the end you'll want him for a friend.
Joel S. Moskowitz
Oakdale, California

We can't thank you enough for all you have done to help our dream of owning a second home in the Caribbean become a reality! From your scheduling appointments around our very hectic vacation schedule, to helping us with all of the numerous questions and legalities involved in the purchase (from thousands of miles away!), you went above and beyond our expectations of a realtor.

We've been looking at property on islands all over the Caribbean for the past ten years, but had yet to make an offer. You took the time to listen to what we wanted and made sure you found the perfect property for us---without high pressure sales or wasting our time looking at properties you knew wouldn't fit our lifestyle. You have a knack for matching people and properties that all realtors could learn from! It was quite obvious from the people that we spoke to on the island, that you have a reputation as an honest and conscientious business person and because of this, we felt perfectly comfortable letting you handle all of the arrangements for the purchase and building of our home while we were back in the U.S.

I don't think either one of us dreamed that an overseas purchase could be accomplished in such little time, and with such little hassle. Your continued correspondence throughout the building of our house, including emailing us photographs of the progress has given us peace of mind that while we're back here taking care of business, you're watching out for our interests on the island. Your personal service didn't cease with the signing of a purchase agreement, as has been the case with many realtors we've dealt with in the past. Thanks, for everything you've done and continue to do, to make our island home purchase hassle free.
Randy and Jill Neeman
Lincoln, Nebraska

Phil, I would like to express my appreciation on a job well done. After listing my property with a number of other agents on Roatan, I can honestly state you are number one. Your thoroughness, tenacity, and understanding of the real-estate market place on Roatan enabled you move my property in professional manner satisfactory to all parties concerned.
Roger Hicks

Dear phil, where does one start...this is just a short note to say that your excellent service and professionalism has changed my life. If there is any new clients or folks who are not sure if your performance is credible then I would like to have them contact me at my email. Briefly, I had been listed with all the other 'Realtors' on the island for three years and had no effective or solid offers. My ex-wife had told me to contact you, who I had known from your akr days, and from there the rest is history. You had gotten me two offers in the first two months which resulted in a sale, part of this was your Knowledge and fair assessment of the property and current real estate market. Even with my doubts that you would 'finish' the deal and make both parties completely pleased and secure you proved to me that it is not only possible to do but that it was your goal and full intention to do so. and so your integrity and spirit has fulfilled that and has left me with the completed sale and transfer of my property on Roatan. Thank you again for your help.
Jeff Truhn

Phil Weir is an absolute professional in every sense of the word. We have known Phil for 7 years now, first in his capacity as Director of the PADI program at Anthony's Key Resort and most recently as the Realtor who helped us find our own gorgeous piece of Roatan. Phil never pushed, he just informed. He had questions answered for you immediately, was creative and inventive in terms of possibilities and his connections are endless. Over the years we have worked with a number of real estate agents, both as sellers and buyers. Phil is everything you want your Realtor to be. He is what Realtors are supposed to be...honest, forthright, knowledgeable, interested, on top of things, and caring. We cannot say enough about our experience with him.
Joe and Leslie Shank
Winnetka, IL

Recently, we purchased a vacation/retirement home on Roatan. We met with no less than 5 Realtors in our pursuit. While all of the Realtors listened to what we told them we wanted, the unfortunate thing is they all tried to accommodate us. Phil Weir is the only Realtor that asked for the opportunity to educate us. At first I thought this was a bit of a pitch. Soon we discovered that, what we wanted, was either not yet built, or, not for sale. We seemed to be near the end of our search without much luck. Phil had only 1 more house to show us, it was beyond our price range and seemed to be misaligned to our goal. We thought it would be exactly what we were not looking for. Needless to say, we could not have been more wrong.

We were in fear of the unknown, when it came to the closing. Assuming the distance would equate to chaos. Wrong! Phil assured us the closing would be as smooth as a closing in the states. One could only wish in the states, for a closing as smooth as ours on the island. Every step was met with his absolute assurance that all would be fine, and it was. Phil has never promised anything he has not delivered on. This integrity is very important to us, in these days of minimal service, and un-professionalism.

In short, our purchase was much easier, and simple than we had hoped for. Much of the credit was due to Phil's efforts. He even helped us tremendously after the closing to oversee some work, that, with his help, was done expeditiously and fairly, on our behalf. In as much as I think, all of the Realtors on the island are good Realtors, and nice people, I'm sure none would have done what Phil did for us. Only a 'friend' would do what Phil did. We now call him our "Realtor friend on the island."

It should be no surprise that we would recommend Phil's service to anyone that is looking to purchase real estate on the island. He is a professional performing above the rest. He is the "new kid on the block" in real estate on Roatan. His service has raised the bar for the others to follow.

John & Sally Brith
Sandy Bay, Roatan/Melrose, Massachusetts

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